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Successfully Selling Vacant Land

Dated: September 12 2023

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If you've got a piece of land you're thinking of selling, let's consider joining forces to make the sale faster and more profitable for you.

Selling vacant land isn't as easy as selling an already built home. That's why we offer a unique approach: instead of just listing your empty land, we'll create a home package complete with 3D visualizations, floor plans, and even virtual tours.

After our initial chat and some market analysis, we'll decide on the best course of action for your specific lot. The beauty of this approach? We can offer multiple home designs to entice a variety of buyers.

You see, we're always connecting with clients searching for land to build custom homes on. Sometimes, the perfect buyer might be right in our database. We'll also broadcast your opportunity to other Realtors, presenting it as a full home package.

If it makes sense, we might even list the home package on the MLS through a collaborating realtor.

Since we all know the primary reason people buy land is to build a home, our package addresses common buyer hesitations head-on. We help clarify the construction process, timeline, permits—everything a buyer needs to visualize their dream home on your land.

Financially speaking, if the buyer isn't paying cash, don't worry. We have solid relationships with both local and national financial institutions offering construction loans. This means you get paid for the land right at the start, while we handle construction costs through the loan as we build.

Want to explore this further? Whether you're leaning towards this unique marketing approach or you're considering selling the land directly to us, we'd love to discuss your options. We typically find that landowners make more money through our partnership, thanks to our comprehensive home packages.

Ready to take the next step? Either fill out the form below or give me a call. Can't wait to hear from you and explore how we can make your land sale a success!

For more info, check out my website at, email me at, or call me directly at (860) 857-5165. Looking forward to connecting soon!

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Bridget Morrissey

Stonington RealtorBridget Morrissey is a renowned real estate agent who focuses on areas in Stonington, Mystic, Pawcatuck, And Stonington Borough. Some of the areas covered are Lords Point, High Ridge....

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